Handmade Tickle is a Blogging for Makers ™ club.

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Some people might call us a membership community, others might call us a service, still others might say we sell things such as WordPress Templates (themes) and educational resources like eBooks and videos.  All of those would be true.

But what we’re really all about is being a massively valuable resource to help makers create a monumentally wonderful blog.  So we’ve done (and are still doing) everything we can to create an exceptionally valuable collection of benefits that we offer to premium members.

Beta Memberships currently 60% Off – forever!

Your Handmade Tickle Premium Membership Includes:

  • Full access to the premium members only Blogging for Makers ™ Forums
  • Educational Webinars designed to help you grow
  • Live Chat with members and with Kim & Tim from &
  • Custom and curated WordPress Templates
  • Support and help with any website issues you’re having
  • Free downloadable eBooks and resources
  • Free hosting, WordPress installation, and theme set-up (for a limited time)

Our goal was to create something insanely useful at an undeniably obvious value.

Initial membership benefits are worth much (mondo, mega, mucho, WAY) more than the cost of membership, and that’s just for starters.  We’re not about to stop adding templates, plugins, eBooks, videos, and live support options anytime soon.  Member benefits will just keep growing.

No contracts.  If you’re not pleased, you can cancel anytime.

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