Fine Tuning Your Business {Holiday Shop Preparation Guide Part 3}

Ok, let's keep going! So far in the 2015 Holiday Shop Preparation Guide, we've talked about really understanding our offer and getting ready for a rush by stocking up. Now we're going to start making the shift from "being ready for sales" to "bringing in more sales". That's what you really want to talk about anyway, right? If marketing is your big challenge you're not alone and we're going to … [read more]


DIY Fall Crochet Patterns {7 Free Designs}

Fall is a wonderful time of year and these simple DIY fall crochet patterns will make it even better!  Decorate without breaking the bank, give a simple gift to a friend or add a festive touch to your next party with candy corn bunting! All of these patterns have great tutorials that you don’t have to sign into a membership site just to access…I hate that!  Bloggers share so many great ideas … [read more]

DIY Halloween Treat Bags Using a Testors® Aztek Airbrush

Looking for a quick DIY project to share with all those little goblins and fairies that come knocking this Halloween?  Create these fun DIY treat bags! I’m one of those people that drools over crafty tools as I walk through the craft store.  Visions of cool projects dance in my head as I wander around with a dazed look on my face.  Craft stores are my Dream World, for sure. I’ve always … [read more]

Vintage gift box with red ribbon on wooden background

Finalize Your Offer {Holiday Shop Preparation Guide Part One}

I get so excited this time of year! As an online seller this is really when things start to heat up. The sales start to come in in October, ramp up in November, and then just go completely wild in early December. It's a fun, frantic, fantastic time to be selling online which, for me, means selling on Etsy. To help you prepare your online shop for the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season, we've teamed … [read more]

2015 Holiday Season Shop Preparation Guide by and Endicia

2015 Holiday Season Shop Preparation Guide

It’s that time of year again. School has started, the days are getting a little shorter, the weather is starting to change. Before you know it Halloween will have come and gone, and it’ll be November! Holiday Shopping Season 2015 Is your shop ready? Are you? There’s a lot to be ready for, I can attest to that first hand. I still remember my first holiday season as an Etsy seller. I was like … [read more]


How to Get Your Etsy Shop Featured on Blogs

Do you constantly watch the Etsy stats trying to figure out the best keywords?  Do you check to see the best social media sites for traffic to help you know where to focus?  Well, today we’re going to talk about how to get your Etsy shop featured by blogs.  It’s a great way to get new people to your shop! There are many reasons why this shouldn’t be overlooked in your marketing plan. Follow … [read more]

Free Crochet Throw Patterns {DIY Goodness}

Crochet blankets are one of the best handmade gifts ever!  There’s something so comforting about them, and you know each one took hours of creative love to make.  Many are past down through generations.  I actually have some that my great-grandmother made, and I cherish them. Since the weather is starting to cool down a bit I thought you might enjoy some free crochet throw patterns to give as … [read more]


Color Crush Etsy Love

Here’s a little Etsy Color Crush Goodness for you today!  Enjoy the end of your summer with some of these fabulous finds… Gemstone Necklace – Starletta Pink Leather Clutch – Ayelet Shachar Sea Urchins – Mermaid Cove Feather Notebook – Bird Plus Bird Handmade Soap – Right Soap Good Morning Sunshine Pillow – Love Joy Create Crochet Bear – Sweet Little Candy Shop Love beautiful Etsy finds like … [read more]


16 Free Planner Printables

16 Free Planner Printables I have become quite the Planner Girl over the last few years, and I’m always looking for fabulous planner printables to dress up my daily notes and schedule.  I love colorful stickers and inspiring quotes!  Do you know there are a ton of these pretty, pretty free printables available online??  I love free stuff! You’ll find something here for your Filofax, Erin … [read more]


7 Quick Tips to Start an Etsy Shop

I wrote a post last week, 15 Great Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop, and the response was so amazing I had to share more information right away.  There are so many of you out there that are considering starting a shop!  Yay for you!  I want to share a few quick tips to help you as you start your Etsy shop adventure. These tips are not the kind that tells you how to upload a photo or enter the … [read more]

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Lime Essential Oil DIY Ideas

Lime essential oil is amazing!  It smells wonderful in a diffuser by itself or blended with other oils.  It has such a fresh scent, and you’re sure to get lots … [read more]

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Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

Mother’s Day and handmade gifts go together perfectly!  Check out this amazing gift idea… The Twenty Fingers – Floral Notebook How’s this for cute?  I love … [read more]

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