Blogging for Makers Podcast Ep. 4 — Using Pinterest and Loving It!

Blogging for Makers Podcast Ep. 4 - Pinterest

Pinterest is one of those rare and wonderful things that is both extremely useful for your business and wonderfully enjoyable at the same time!

In this 35 minute podcast, Tim & Kim talk about the tips and tricks Kim has learned in her Pinterest-ing experience which has built her following up to about 100K on Pinterest.

Social Media and blogging go hand-in-hand and are really two sides of the same coin.

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Blogging for Makers Podcast Ep 3 — Time Spent Blogging is Time Well Spent

blogging for makers podcast ep 3 time spent blogging is time well spent

Building a blog can be an incredible journey but it can also be a ton of work!  In this podcast we share our experience with the hard work of blogging and offer a first-hand report that it is worth it.  Find a comfy spot for thirty minutes and listen in… what  you hear might just change the course of your blogging future!

Blogging for Makers Podcast Ep. 2 — Ten Secrets of a Successful Blog

Blogging for Makers Episode 2 Image1

In the members area here at Handmade Tickle , the talk for the last few weeks has been all about blogging. The reason is simple… blogging is the best long term marketing tool an online business owner can possibly have.

But a great blog doesn’t just happen overnight.  It’s a long term commitment and can be hard work. With post #1000 going live on Everything Etsy this past week I can tell you it’s possibly the most wonderfully fun and engaging hard work you’ll ever do.

This podcast will teach you some of the secrets to make that fun hard work pay off for your business.

Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with Tim and Kim for the next thirty minutes as we talk about 10 Secrets of Successful Blogging in the second Blogging for Makers Podcast!

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Blogging for Makers Podcast Episode 1 — 10 Types of Great Blog Content

Blogging for Makers Episode One Image1

Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with Tim and Kim for the next thirty minutes as we talk about 10 Types of Great Blog Content. These 10 ideas combined are all the “formula” you need to build an outstanding blog!

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Our First Tech-Talk Podcast!

This is kind of exciting! We had our fourth live event today but it was the first one we’ve recorded in order to produce a podcast. That’s exciting enough, but what really excited us more is to see that Handmade Tickle is actually doing what we envisioned and dreamed about, which is to help makers be bloggers too.

Give it a listen if you have some time. Tim, Kim, and three wonderful Handmade Tickle members talk about all sorts of blogging related techy stuff, such as:

  • Putting audio files on your blog
  • What web browser people prefer and why
  • How easy it is to change and customize WordPress themes
  • How to make an email link
  • The difference between pages and posts on your blog
  • and just general chit-chat of course – Handmade Tickle is a community of friends after all.